Physical Cosmology, 2011

light and sound installation

wood, metal, lights, speaker

untitled, 2010

video projection


presence, no content, 2003

video projection/loop

White, 2003

> description

sound installation

Shade of the Living Light, 2010

projection on gelatine, palets

text based on movie Metropolis (1927)

foto: Bernaded Dexters

It was in the realms of possibility, so they both decided to leave it there.

Photography, dimensions variable, 2010

trustmedefineme, 2010

2 video projections, loop

Negeraufstand ist in Kuba (Negro Riot in Cuba), 2003

> description

video projection, (2'57'') (

Calling Betty, 2010

video projection/ audio installation, (1’50’’)

Corpus of Finds (Melodious Singing), 2010

> description

video projection, (9’58’’)

foto: Bernaded Dexters

treksodus, 2008

video projection (    

De kust van Vlaanderen (The Coast Of Flanders), 2003

video projection, (1'28'')

Protogenoi, 2006/2010


PAL video, (16'22'')

Noël Reumkens,

essay inspired by

‘Physical Cosmology’

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Roderik Six,

short story inspired by

‘Physical Cosmology’

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Motion of the Circle and the Square, 2012


Tales from the Mountains and the Sea, 2012


Placeholder (The Definition of Greenness), 2011

video projection, (2')

found footage  /  text by Heiner Müller (Hamletmaschine)

Unterwasser, 2001

video projection/loop, Super 8 on digital video (

Ornithology, 2008


visual concept and set design

Presence, no content 2003

video loop (